A new energy manager at home

Essen-based start-up shine helps to optimise solar panels

Achim Kreutz is Head of Customer Service at shine

Things can sometimes get frantic in start-ups. It is no different at the start-up shine founded by innogy. When a new product will be coming out on the market in a few days, the office can resemble a pigeon loft and it is important to keep your cool – like Achim Kreutz. As Head of Customer Service, he is an important man at shine: he knows the problems and wishes of his customers better than anyone else.

What customers want

Between two customer meetings – headset in his hands – Kreutz explains how shine wishes to make its clients happy: "More than 1.5 million people in Germany now own a photovoltaic system. Many of them want a better understanding of how much electricity is being consumed and generated at a given time. This knowledge allows owners to get even more out of their system. With our new product shineConnect, we are offering a comprehensive solution."

The energy manager is key

What does shineConnect consist of? "The centrepiece of our new product is the energy manager. It means that each photovoltaic household can become the local energy supplier", says Kreutz. The energy manager takes on the task of intelligent consumption control. It ensures that the customer makes the most of the full output capacity of their solar panels. The so-called 70% rule of the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG) indicates that a maximum of 70% of the rated power of a photovoltaic system may be fed into the public electricity network. As a result, electricity production at conventional plants is restricted accordingly by means of the inverter. "The shine energy manager measures the current power consumption and then takes it into the account in the calculation of the statutory provision. It thus ensures that only the permissible 70 percent of rated power is ever fed into the electricity network, while the capacity of the photovoltaic system is increased in accordance with its energy consumption", says Kreutz.

Benefits for customer, grid and environment

The shine energy manager supports dynamic active power restriction. It measures your current consumption, provides you with the necessary energy and ensures that only the permissible 70% of rated power is ever fed into the electricity network. You therefore use more of your own production yourself, save additional purchases from the electricity network and also preserve the environment.

Face-to-face meetings for tailor-made solutions

Achim Kreutz is not only familiar with customer wishes, he is also very well acquainted with the technology and processes. Whether to answer detailed questions on energy management or deal with a technical problem with the PV system, he and his colleagues are there to help. If a solution is not immediately found, he will sit in the neighbouring office and mull over it with technical experts on the computer until there is one.

The unique customer environment is exciting and challenging

Kreutz reaches for his headset again. On this occasion, it is about connecting an electricity meter to shine technology. He explains the options concisely in a calm voice. "Being able to help a customer is always satisfying", he says. Customer satisfaction is more than just a part of his job, it is "[…] the most important thing."

And who knows, should he receive even more enquiries from interested parties when shineConnect launches, the customer service team surrounding Kreutz may soon grow.

You can now pre-register online for shineConnect.

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