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Supporting sustainable development of the community

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The Middlemoor Wind Farm Community Fund will invest over £1.6 million into local community activities and projects throughout the lifetime of the wind farm. The annual fund opened in 2013 and is worth £81,000 per year which in index linked in line with inflation. The area of benefit for the fund was initially be limited to the immediate local area of Eglingham Parish. After the first three year review of the fund the panel have agreed to extend the criteria slightly to allow consideration to be given to applications from groups and organisations outside of Eglingham Parish that provide services and activities that are deemed by the Fund to be of benefit to residents of the Parish. The panel and innogy are also considering saving a small proportion of the annual fund in an endowment fund to help plan for the future and extend the fund beyond the life of the wind farm.

Setting up the fund, in May 2013, an independent charity, Community Action Northumberland, conducted a consultation on our behalf with the communities in Eglingham Parish. The purpose of this consultation was to establish the type of projects and initiatives that could be supported through the community investment fund.

To see the results of this consultation, please click here:

Potential projects in Middlemoor

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Community Consultation Middlemoor Community

Local people had the opportunity to nominate themselves to join the fund decision making panel. They now make decisions about how funding is allocated as well as discussions about future direction of the fund. The panel will be supported by the independent fund administrators, the Community Foundation for Tyne & Wear and Northumberland.

Middlemoor Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund
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The fund has very broad criteria and will accept applications for grants ranging from £250 to a maximum of £81,000. Funding bids can be for revenue costs for example to fund group activities or sessions or for capital grants to purchase an item.

To date the fund has supported initiatives including:

  • Setting up of two new community groups,
  • Parish Magazine supported for 5 years,
  • Community facilities including village halls, churches and playing fields,
  • Parish website,
  • Parish consultations,
  • Educational grants to individuals,
  • Defibrillators,
  • 100th anniversary celebrations,
  • Environmental projects.

Funding round-up

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The community fund helps to support many useful local projects. To find out where funding has been distributed in 2013 / 2014, please click here:

Middlemoor Windfarm Community Fund Annual Review (PDF | 3.3 MB)

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